Long Time, No Blog

Hello again to all my lovely readers. It’s been a while since I’ve last picked up the metaphorical pen and written to you. What has been going on?

Since I’ve lasted updated you my life has changed quite a bit. I left my previous job for a new career field and have been making strides within the company. The new position has given me more free time to create and focus on my stamping. I recently attended the 2019 On Stage local in Atlantic City and had a blast! It was so fun to see the new annual catalog and get to play with some amazing products. Don’t you fret, I’ll be giving you an update with all the new stamp sets and suites I’m crazy about!

In the mean time I’m sure you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the last 8 months. To put it bluntly I have felt fizzled out with crafting among other things. Partly it is due to all the ideas I have in my head that when I execute them they don’t always come out how I pictured they would. This inevitably led to a cycle of not wanting to share cards because I didn’t like them and not wanting to craft because what I was making wasn’t sparking joy. I ended up with a creative block of my own design.

The other part has been my mental health. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for quite some time and while crafting can be a great outlet, it can also be a trigger for me. I like to create content that is fun and gets that creative juice flowing for other stampers. Unfortunately my mental state was not where I needed it to be in order to focus on my stamping. I am starting to feel lighter and the end of the tunnel is right around the corner for me, so this blog post is the first step towards shaking off that weight and getting creative once more.

I’m sure you’re sitting at home wondering why I might be sharing all of this with you. Well dear reader, it’s because I know there are others out there who feel the same way. Whether it’s living with depression or feeling burnt out from trying to make projects work or even just having a bad day, I see your hard work and I understand. Sometimes we have to step away from things we love in order to heal ourselves.

I have stamped here and there but blogging has been a large leap of faith for me once again. I love to write and to teach others the cards I’ve created, but I had also made blogging more of a chore than a fun activity. It’s the unfortunate reality of who I am as a person but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Sometimes the smallest effort can help in the biggest of ways.

So here I am, to say hello once again. My name is Sarah and I am 25. I craft and blog when I can and I won’t be holding myself to a seemingly unattainable standard. I promise you this, dear reader, that when I can I will craft. When I can I will blog. When I can I will take care of myself because I can’t give out love and creativity without first having it. Until next time.

Sarah Liz

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